Managing Properties For A Greater Purpose



Meridian's Customers are people looking to find a nice, hassle-free home to lease in the Kansas City area.

Meridian's Main Office  5910 E Bannister Road, right next to the new Cerner Complex in South KC.  Our team has been managing properties in the metro since September of 2013.   

Meridian's Managing Broker in Missouri is Crystal Vaughn. Crystal has been in the property management industry and serving the greater Kansas City area since 2004. Her management specialties are multi-family, single family homes and distressed properties.  She has experience as a contract broker, consultant, property manager and has worked with condo-conversion developments within the Florida, California and Missouri markets.

Meridian's Vendors are licensed and insured. Our extensive preferred vendor network allows us to provide quality service at reasonable prices within the time frame desired by owners and tenants.

Meridian's Clients are large scale investors with single and multi-family portfolios, along with investors who have one or two investment homes but do not have the time or desire to manage them. 

Meridian's Team  includes leasing agents and property management staff whose purpose is to provide top notch customer service to our prospects, current tenants, and clients. 

5910 E Bannister Road 

Kansas City MO 64134